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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 23, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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$60 billion in shares from investor it is largest buy back authorization in history. they raised to $3.05 a share. apple has recently faced calls for a greater cash for return. >> in massachusetts the youngest victim killed in the boston marathon bombings was laid to rest today. a private funeral was held for 8-year-old in a statement his family said the boy is now at peace. also today family and friends gathered for a private memorial for mit police officer. investigators say collier was -- public health officials now say a total of 264 people were treated at hospitals for their jerries from the bombing one survive a 25-year-old victim spoke from her hospital bed today and said she's not going to let the attacks stop her from living a normal life. >> definitely you're right about this. always going to be a scar but i'm not going to let them win.
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not going to let them stop me from living a normal, happy, healthy life, especially here in boston. boston is a great city. >> officials say of the 264 people who sought treatment, 51 remain hospitalized tonight. federal officials today said the medical condition of the 19- year-old bombing suspect has improved he's listed in fair condition. he's under armed arrest at boston hospital with gunshot wounds from a shoot out with police. today the boston police officers who were on the scene at the time of the arrest recalled the tense moments as they discovered in hold up in a boat. >> we detected movement in the boat. we could see a hand dust poking, poking at the top, whether they were trying to, you know, poke a hole in the top if they had a handgun we weren't sure. we were driven by the tragedy. we all were. you know, it really impacted
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us. >> charged with using and conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction and malicious destruction of property resulting in deaths. >> the mississippi man accused of mailing ricen and tainted letters to president obama, u.s. senator and local judge is no longer in jail. charges were dismissed today against 45-year-old. his attorney says curtis may have been framed and the government now has another suspect. curtis says he doesn't even know what ricen is. >> when you've been charged something and you just never heard of it ricen or whatever, i thought they said rice i said i don't even eat rice. >> the f.b.i. is turning it attention to another man from mississippi they suspect is behind the ricen letters. agents searched his home today so far haven't said what if anything they turned up. california governor said a man tried to break into apartment while he was away in china last week. live now in sacramento where
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the government told the story today. >> good afternoon. according to sacramento police the man got in through an open door here at the governor's apartment building in midtown sacramento. he then made his way up to the roof top. according to the police, he dropped down on to one of the balconies that rings the part of the fourth floor here. witnesses told police that they heard the men screaming and shot. in fact they say that was not the case. police say the man never got inside any of the residences here and that there is no sign he was targeting the governor. governor brown revealed the incident today while he was addressing a group of crime victims family as an example why he understands the importance of public safety. >> just a few days ago a gentleman was found on my balcony trying to break in. i was on top of pf chang's there on the fourth floor. luckily i wasn't home. >> here is the yep man that the governor is refer to, he's now
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charged with misdemeanor following and has been released. now while the governor says johnson was trying to break in, police say there is no sign of any forced entry and while the governor said it was his balcony he went on to several balconies and was spotted by one of the governor's neighbor. the governor revealed today this is not the first time that an incident like this has happened. he said about a year ago three men were caught trying to break into his home in oakland. they told police they were looking at real estate until oakland police let them go. live in midtown david ktvu channel 2 news. >> new information now on a case of horse cruelty that we first told you about 2 weeks ago. the sheriff's department says they have arrested the man they believe shot this horse with a crock -- the horse, you see here, name cash was in a pasteur when he was shot in the hip. the horse later died. sheriff's deputies joshua they say he is a transient. officials say he admitted to being in the area at the time of the shooting trying to poach
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deer with his cross beau. >> raging tonight over the furloughs of air traffic controllers and all the flight delays those furloughs have cost. as ktvu reports some lawmakers say the furloughs are politically motivated and unnecessary. >> hundreds of delayed flights, thousands of frustrated passengers after automatic government budget cuts caused the faa to furlough worker. >> entirely utterly unnecessary. >> republicans argue the white house has the flexibility to avoid this and should cut waistful programs they say the president has an agenda. >> to try to convince the american people that there are no circumstances under which we can ever cut spending at all. >> democrats defend the faa saying it had no choice. >> congress enacted it in law. it was a cool act of 2011. the vast majority of republicans voted for them. >> the faa says it won't risk safety. air traffic controllers means fewer planes in the air.
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the faa tells me staffing reduction has delayed 1600 flights in the past two delays. >> delays will be bad for business and frustrating for families and devastating for the economy. >> with no other budget in place delays could continue for at least another 5 months. >> this is no way to run this government. >> and the faa warns the flight delays effecting the entire country will only get worse as the summer travel season approaches. in washington keyly campbell ktvu channel 2 news. >> got officials who wanted steam troop reduction because of the sequester budget cuts. john told senate committee today 100,000 soldiers would be removed from duty over the next decade unless those automatic spending cuts are stopped. he says the losses would under mine the army's ability to be prepared for wartime missions. the army's share of the automatic cuts over the next 6 months is $7.6 billion. >> firefighters made an
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impassionately today to keep their stations open. the board of supervisors today debated whether to close county fire houses. it was shrinking property tax revenues. four or five stations were shutdown this year now two more or on the chopping block. firefighters say that would dramatically increase response times. >> obviously minutes count, seconds count often and then on a fire emergency this allows a fire to get bigger. and looking at the budget it looks like the station closed unless we come up with something creative before. >> county leaders say there hands may be tied because voters rejected a partial tax measure to beef up staffing levels. final vote is expected may 14. >> police are hoping to solve a cold missing persons case with the hell f of forensic artist. he was 20 years old when he disappeared 10 years ago. he was five feet, 10 inches tall. shane was last seen in the arch stone apartment on owens drive
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back in september 2003. take a look, now, this is a new age progression picture drawn by forensic artist. it shows shane as he would appear now at the age of 32. shane is asked to contact police. >> in conquer, police are still looking for a felony hit-and- run suspect who forced a school to go on lock down today. police say the suspect was seen running towards conquered high school after 11:00 this morning this followed a hit-and-run and an attempted carjacking near the campus on west street. the school lock down was lifted around noon after it was determined the suspect was not on campus. in oakland police are still looking for a shooting suspect even after they thought they had him surrounded during a long stand off. police thought the suspect was barricaded over night inside a home on east oakland on 65th 65th avenue, however, when the s.w.a.t. team entered the home about 6:45 this morning no one was inside. this started about 10:30 last
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night after a man was shot, he identified the shooter to police and told them where he lived. >> developing news now an investigation happening in oakland, a woman who was driving on foothill boulevard was shot just before 3:00 this afternoon. this happened between 24th and miller. the -- according to tribune the woman died at the hospital. we have reached out to police to try to get you more information, but so far police are saying very little about this developing news. lawmakers today passed legislation making gay marriage legal in that country. today's vote came in the national assembly where the socialist told the majority it followed months of heated debate and huge demonstrations the massage of the measure makes france 14th country to approve same sex marriage. france's president is expected to sign it into law with the first weddings coming as early as june. one day after we told you about allegations of mentally ill patients being dumped in san francisco, the state of nevada responds to the allegations, what that state's
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governor is now saying. >> significant pulling along the coast, the fog is back 10 to 15 degrees cooler. cooler inland as well, cooler tomorrow on the forecast for your neighborhood. see you back here in 10 minutes. q
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new developments tonight in a story we first brought you yesterday about the dumping of mental health patients here in california. the governor of nevada today responded to charges that a state mental hospital in las vegas put patients on buses and sent them out of state. governor brian said he is taken disciplinary action and put new policies in place. he said "let me be clear improperly discharging one patient is one patient too many" i take the concerns regarding the psychiatric hospital very seriously. u.s. news and world report today releases annual ranking for best high schools in the country and several schools in the area made the list, but
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specifically collegiate school ranks 11, high school in san francisco is listed as the 43rd best high school in the nation. another school also making u.s. top 50 it's american indian public high school in oakland that ranks 38. despite today's good news for the charter school. it's set to be shutdown in 2 months. see the oakland school board has voted to poll the charter accusations that school's former director misspent $3.8 million in school funds. >> it's actually really frustrating because the school is producing excellent results. unfortunately some people who are trying to main power and personal privilege are preventing the school from taking the steps that would allow them to remain open. >> the school's new director said steps had been taken to avoid closure and she's appealing the decision to try to keep the doors open. >> truck accident created a traffic mess in oakland today. the truck overturned on 7th 7th street near the on ramp to interstate 880. it caused traffic to back up on
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the city streets and freeway. he managed to -- and no one was hurt. the u.s. transportation secretary is making an unusual proposal to reduce distracted driving. visual distractions are the greatest dangers to drivers. they quoted a recent study from the ntsb. car makers should install equipment that will disable text messaging and video communications unless the vehicle is stopped. he also says factory communication devices in cars should be designed so that drivers do not have to look away from the road for more than a couple of seconds. officials say that a woman escaped injury after she jumped in front of an on coming train. it happened last night at the 24 24th street station in san francisco. the officials say the woman was lying down on the tracks and a train went right over her but did not injure her. she was pulled from the tracks and held for a psychological evaluation.
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the incident did lead to major delays. 7 of the ten california zip codes with the worst pollution. three of them in stockton. there is one in bakers field. california environmental protection agency has much of the air pollution blowing into the central valley is coming from the bay area. one other note here, three of the top ten most polluted zip codes are in los angeles. >> the u.s. alpine championships are returning next year. this will be the second year in a row they'll be held in squad valley which was also the home of 1960 winter olympics 5 days of competition will begin next march 19th, those expected to compete include julia, along with lindsey van and miller. >> well, here in the bay area our chief meteorologistist bill martin told us that temperatures had peaked it was all downhill. we could sure feel the difference from yesterday. >> around the bay, san francisco and half of 15 degrees cooler in some places that's a noticeable difference. the rest of us when you go
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inland, liver moore, ever green, south bay down to morgan hill, few degrees cooler, 5 or six degrees cooler. it was cooler over all today. the fog is back today. we'll come in a little bit closer and i'll show you the extent of that fog, you can see it now. it's trying to getter in here the fog is going to stick around it's not going anywhere any time soon. the current temperatures reflecting that cooler moisture marine air. if you were in the bay area any amount of time this is how it goes. you get a bunch of hot days 2 or 3 maybe 4 and the heat draws that cooler moist air. it pulls it in and that's what we're seeing. along the coast it's 56 degrees right now and there.
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and yesterday at this time or yesterday it was mid-60s in the afternoon. so definitely cool down. and that's always good. better for the air quality and help people with allergy sufferers as well. at the game and the ballpark tonight. another good night for baseball. but middle innings it's going to be chilly you're going to need a jacket. it was, you know, 67 degrees out there last night for a time. tonight you start out first pitch at 62 degrees you end up upper 50s, 57, 58 degrees so good night for baseball, but chilly ninth inning for sure. forecast over night wild life last night but more fog along the coast. make it sway into the gain -- i think we'll see fog showing up over on the berkeley side. kind of works its way into here. it's not going to have a big push inland. you're not going to find fog up in the walnut creek area. so tonight, costal fog is the story that cooling has begun. we are going to cool further, temperatures are going to trend down tomorrow as well.
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when i get specific forecast high for your city tomorrow and then the 5-day forecast with your weekend in view and more cool to talk about. i'll see you back here with all the details. >> and airmen out of travis air force base survived the war overseas only to lose his life here at home. john in fair field tonight where friends try to make sense of tragic motorcycle that killed a sergeant who was close to retirement. john. >>
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>> not only was he a big guy but his presence was big and any room he went into, you knew he was there and people wanted to be there. >> he's one of those guys that no matter what kind of day you were having he was going to brighten your day up. he was going to make sure others were in a great move. just brought everyone up around him. >> sergeant leaves behind a teenage son and daughter. memorial services set for this friday on the base at twin peaks chapel. investigators have yet to determine who was at fault for the accident because the alleged drunk driver that may have made a legal maneuver to take a left turn in front of those motorcycles as they tried to pass. live at travis air force base, ktvu channel 2 news. >> just had three weeks ago it
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settles in. in a moment find out what made their parents so angry as of reached up a storm. >> and something could be happening at the national park that hasn't happened in decades. how it will fulfill the original visit.
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you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. the three baby falcons born in a nest top city hall are mailed after the biologist paid them a house call for the very
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first time. ryan minor rose reports on the delegate operation that took place today. >> two angry falcon parrots not too happy to see you santa cruise biologist glen stuart repair down from high top san jose city hall. but to meet the baby falcons is important. >> no contact from the birds. you know i can hear them go by and feel a little breeze. >> three weeks ago three baby falcons hatched. the city of san jose falcon camp kept an eye on the baby it wasn't unstill stuart met them in person with his own eyes when we knew more about them. there are three healthy baby boys and i guess the amazing thing is in three weeks. three weeks ago these things. >> stuart placed identification bands on their ankles to track their progress and to gather more information on the falcons pop peculation. they're moving into the urban situation we never thought we would see this 20, 30 years ago when they were near extinction
5:25 pm
to see them raise them, to feed them in midair. it's just amazing to see them. >> but for glen who has been doing this for several years now, there's nothing quite like seeing these beautiful birds grow from babies to becoming parents. >> it's kind of sit up there with the birds. >> according to stuart, the falcon population is thriving at best estimate there are at least 250 pairs in california. in san jose brian flores ktvu channel 2 new. >> two bills introduced today in washington, d.c. call for the expansion of national park for the first time in 70 years. the companion bills were introduced by senator diane and representative jim costa. those bills would add 1600 acres on the western border of the park. john argued for including that land more than a century ago but lost out to timber companies. they say the expansion would be paid for with life collected
5:26 pm
from offshore oil drilling. a solar powered is back in the skies over the bay area tonight preparing for cross country flight. the swiss made solar impulse is on a 16 hour test flight. flew over the golden gate bridge this afternoon. this is video of an earlier flight near the field. the plane is set to fly over the bay bridge within the next couple of hours. the solar impulse is considered to be the world east most advance plane its massive wings are covered with 12,000 solar cells abdomen that plane can fly all day and all night without liquid fuel. >> oracle has a new yacht on san francisco bay. it happened last october out on the bay. the wing on that $8 million boat was destroyed when the boat flipped over during a practice run. news chopper 2 flu over the florida san francisco today as it placed oracles new cat ma ran into the water. right next to the oracle team, the new ac72 yacht was launched
5:27 pm
with that much fanfare and without any problem. >> delivered to your door why some health specials say it's the service people should try to live without. >> smoking bands on california calls campuses have students talking and schools evaluating. we'll tell you what to say.
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some folks like it. tells us this new home delivery option is also being
5:30 pm
criticized. rob? >> well, frank here on top of this burger king in east oakland you can see the sign beginning this week. you can now call in for home delivery. a dealer today there are glitches in the system but beyond that some people worry that fast food delivery will promote poor eating habits especially in communities where food choices are still limited. >> i have a chicken sandwich meal crispy please. >> they called to order lunch for his family at east oakland today. but if you're giving his address and order he was told burger king was having computer problems and to try again later. >> you're going to try again. >> probably again not too much interested in it. >> some people say they are interested. burger king has started home delivery at five bay area restaurants union city. there's a $2 delivery charge and 10-dollar minimum order. >> i would do it if i was home. i didn't have a car or something like that, you know, i'll definitely call them up. >> burger king is most famous
5:31 pm
for its whoppers. it does offer a variety and associate professor and you uc berkeley school of public health are concerned about home delivery of fast food. >> this really exacerbates making it flipping on its head what we want to do which is make healthier foods easily accessible. >> and she says people in the community such as east oakland face tougher times fighting healthier foods in more than more affluent neighborhoods. >> what i want to see home delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables. >> you can see the new signs advertising for delivery drivers. we contacted burger king but weren't able to get a response about nutrition concerns by our deadline. reporting live ktvu channel 2 news. >> many fast food restaurants lists the calorie count of their menu items but a new study suggests menus that show how much activity would be needed to burn off those calories may actually be more effective way to make people
5:32 pm
health conscious. the study found people who ordered often activities labeled menu eight about 140 few year calories. >> the former lawyer convicted for a killer used that may 4th may 4th insisted she did not smuggle a hit list out of jail for a client. she's on trial in state farm court and could be disbarred f she admitted today that they broke down the names of witnesses in the client's murder trial. she said she only wanted to interview the witnesses but a attorney argued it was a list of people they wanted to harm. he said he was convicted of murdering oakland journalist in 2007. federal investigators have determined that a central california wealth animal park did not violate any animal welfare policies last month when an intern was killed there by a lion. department of agriculture says fresno had the correct procedures in place and it all enclosures were working properly. 24-year-old diana hanson was cleaning up the cage last month
5:33 pm
when he somehow escaped from a small enclosure and attacked and killed her deputies later killed the animals. >> the city announced a multimillion dollars settlement for two women who were injured during the massive manhunt. police mistakenly opened fire on the two women during february's week long manhunt for christopher. the x officer was wanted for killing four people two law enforcement officers. 7 is-year-old woman and her daughter were injured when officers shot at their truck as the two were delivering newspapers near a home being guarded by police. officials say each woman will now be awarded $2.1 million. >> and more and more california college campuses go smoke free ucla is making a controversial move what is being watched very carefully here in the bay area. robin live in san jose with the change in store on college campuses here at home. >> well, ucla adopted its policy even though the unc schools will wait until next
5:34 pm
year. san jose state university will join other schools in adopting a policy as well while local community college students are well aware of what they can and can't do. >> there's a real social atmosphere in this designated smoking section. he's one of the first community colleges to adopt a nonsmoking policy starting around 2007 but as with many other campuses there are remote smoking areas. students we talked to were generally dismayed by ucla's action but had different opinions of how students should react. >> i wouldn't be able to smoke around campus. but i understand some people who don't want to be exposed to it they would put us in areas. but at the same time if they want to take away those areas, that's within their right. >> i think ultimately those hard core smokers like myself, we're going to end up trying to break the rules, we're going to get dropped from classes and things like that. i'm -- >> officials we talked to uc
5:35 pm
santa cruise all ten schools will be smoke freebie order of the chancellor by 2014. they say they're still planning the transition. >> we're really going to focus on informing people that the policy exist and then it just, you know, pointing them toward resources that will enable them to keep at it. >> some people say some schools could lose perspective students. >> there will be no smoking on our campus. students are going to hear that and this is not like a college i want to go to. i go college should be fun as soon as they hear that, it's like, oh, this doesn't sound fun at all. >> well, choices in california will get difficult that way. again, you see schools will put bans in place next year. the system is already working on one to be put in place by the end of this year. live in san jose ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details now on smoke free campuses we looked online and learned that more than 1100 campuses here in the u.s. have smoke free policies as of this year. as more than double the number from 2 years ago.
5:36 pm
specifically in california we found more than a dozen schools listed as being 100% smoke free in doors and outdoors. and an alarming statistic how many high school students are admitted to using prescription drugs and where they're getting them from. >> on shaky ground the dangerous situation held in california as some homeowners are finding out a retaining wall just isn't enough. tech jobs available out there.
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prescription drug social security ton the rise. more than 24% of teens admit today abusing prescription medicines and those are usually prescribed for someone else. the study's authors say at least 5 million american children abuse prescription medication and say the problem is 33% worse than it was 5 years ago. the research is part of a poll for the group called the partnership at drug national probe into battery system used in boeing dream liner jet was the focus. the transportation board wants to know how problems with the batteries went unnoticed by the faa and boeing inspectors during test flights that problem grounded the dream liner back in january after batteries on two planes caught fire. the faa approved a redesigned battery system last week. boeing may be able to resume several flights within a week. >> there is no rest tonight for people in two midwest earn states hit hard by heavy rain and flooded. in saint louis, missouri today
5:40 pm
makeshift levies barely held back and the illinois rivers filled its banks this morning flooding 70 homes in small town of spring bay. across the midwest people are piling up sandbags around homes or businesses in north dakota convoy 500 semis filled with sandbags is on its way to flood soaked towns. a landslide is forced to southern california family out of their hillside home. a chunk of ground gave about 30 feet wide gave way under this sand bern dean know home. the ground beneath the garage and patio slid 300 feet down the hill. the owners had a retaining wall installed but that also collapsed. fire officials say a ruptured water pipe may have triggered the landslides, no other homes in the neighborhood have been effected by that slide. >> now, there's no that i guarantee you these houses are on fire price wise. still ahead.
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the latest fashional figures on home sales confirm that it's gone from a virus market to a sellers market and our consumer editor tom joins us now from a new housing development in liver moore with very convincing numbers. tom. >> it's been a big change, consider this. the homes are selling so fast now that you actually have to join a lottery in order to get a chance to buy. here is why. >> we don't have anything. >> realtor kevin brown has been elected president of the california association of realtors.
5:44 pm
all of those homes shown in his front window are sold. the competition for new listings is fierce. >> right now in my travels around the state and throughout the bay area, multiple lockers range between -- multiple offers range between 10 and 15 on a house. >> they came in at $247,000. a $7,000 or 3% increase from march a year ago. march sales are up a whopping 18.5% from the previous months and number of homes forsale increased is decided to take advantage of the warming market. nationwide there's only about 4.5 month supply of homes that's a low number well above the 6 month supply usually available in normal market. bay area suppliers are shoer because most foreclosures are now gone. >> we go back a few years distressed property market are 60 or 70% of our market. today it's about 20 or less. >> lack of inventory has
5:45 pm
filly reignited truly large scale and multi unit construction. the likes of which we have not scene for quite a few years. >> you know, 2012 was an improving market but as we came in in 2013, the market is really almost at a frenzy state because of this explosion right now of this selling pace. >> the bay area housing market is on steroids, consider this. for every hundred dollars you add in your house just a year ago in march. you now have 133. reporting live ktvu channel 2 news. >> after voting overwhelmingly to take up a bill that would end tax free online shopping the u.s. senate could pass it later this week. under current law states can only require online retailers to collect sales tax if it still has physical presence in the state. the bill will desuppose complicated regulation and doesn't have enough protection for small businesses. once small business owner says she supports the bill. >> if you're buying the same
5:46 pm
book from me as you are from someone else and i'm paying tax on it and you're not it's not a fair advantage because the item is the same. >> businesses with less than $1 million a year in online sales would be exempt proposed law to allow homeless people to sit, sleep, and panhandle the public took a step forward today. the judiciary committee today approved san francisco tom's homeless bill of rights measure. enforcing laws against sit and lying on the sidewalk accepting county that provides support from the homeless. it will require the state to fund with rest rooms and showers open 24 hours a day. >> a vocal animal rights group has bought a handful of shares to hopefully boost its influence over the theme parks. seaworld entertainment held an initial public offering last week. for the ethical treatment bought 80 shares in seaworld, that allows the group to attend shareholder meetings and also introduce resolutions. it wants the company to stop
5:47 pm
breeding and buying animals and release whales and dolphins from their parks including seaworld in san diego. a woman from month ray has pleaded guilty to illegally feeding wells. marine scientists nancy black owns a whale watching company she admits back in april of 2004 she said chunks of whale lovers to a group of orca that she encountered while boating. this is a file picture from the company's web site of nancy black in a boat near a different group. she'll be sentenced in august and faces one year of probation plus community service. >> today gun control advocates clashed once again with the nra. this time there was a twist to the debate. two sides argued over science and had a meeting on help. caused for studies of gun ownership such as self defense. others argued others should focus on the debts. after the connecticut school shooting president obama made gun control a top pry or they. at the white house today the
5:48 pm
president paid tribute to the teachers in the newtown tragedy. >> there was a teacher who lost first great students in the bathroom of westburg i love -- because in her words i wanted that to be the last thing i heard. >> the president sent newtown tragedy do more than just educate children. he said "they nurture them and love them" statewide house event the president recognized bay area educator as one of the nation's best. iesha teaches england in oakland. she's among the dozen of educators at this rose garden ceremony. the president expresses appreciation for their hard work during the time of budget. war field is currently california's teacher of the year. >> well congratulations, let's talk about weather now. another beautiful day in the bay area just like you called it temperatures came down today. >> you would expect with that fog, inland the numbers were still pretty warm. we saw some upper 80s and up towards brown wood take a look. these are the highs national
5:49 pm
weather service reported today. we've got 88 in fair field. one of the hot spots, 87 in liver moore. then you see the significant cooling in paca and san francisco. san francisco cooled off rapidly once that fog started roll in around noontime, 1:00. that fog is there now. it's got some dense portions along the great highway and up towards pacific cha. and this fog is going to push through the gate a little more tonight. it's going to cool these immediate areas right around the bay tomorrow, so further cooling as we head into tomorrow. temperatures cosigned dropped a good 10 to 15 today. they dropped maybe 5 degrees depending on where you were maybe 8 degrees. forecast highs tomorrow cooler than they were today. these are still the current numbers you see the heat and warm inland. here is that sea breeze. the cooler colors and they're going to keep pushing inland. that's how this whole week goes we'll see this marine influence
5:50 pm
in our environment. they're quality. it helps the pollen count and helps when that cool sea breeze gets going. tomorrow afternoon this was the forecast map showing those cool temperatures right, lower temperatures at 4:00 and you still have your heat and central valley. you've got 90. kind of classic pattern for this time of year. dense at times you'll see it tonight, you'll see it now. it will be there tomorrow morning and work its way in the little bit of the bay. obviously along the coast. around the bay here in the upper 60s low 70s in the eastbound land you're still going to find temperatures like 79 fair field, close to 80. we've get a couple of 80s forecast coming up on 80 degrees. 80 in brentwood. forecast highs these are for wednesday, thursday's temperatures still a little bit cool. you'll see that in the 5-day forecast. lots of cities, the coast is cool now, 59 in athens bay. so if you don't like the heat, you just head west and you'll find it cooler.
5:51 pm
there's your 5-day forecast representing the fog coming in on wednesday and thursday, the weekend looks warm and dry. and it will range in the forecast and we're talking a little bit about fire danger. this helps as you know increase humidity. fire danger not what it was yesterday. >> the allergy suffering and miserable as it will be. >> a little bit. >> thanks, bill. and openly gay kicker could potentially make history in the nfl. also protesters bring their demand to the street, the change they want to make to an immigration program and why.
5:52 pm
who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive
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an orange county auction house has pulled a reggie jackson jersey from bidding because of questions about authenticity. the jersey was supposed won by jackson in game six of the 1977 world series when he hit three home runs. former oakland a he believes it was a jersey he wore but video show that the pen strap alignment was off. jackson may have worn the jersey in the clubhouse after the game he didn't wear it on the field. former college kicker is hoping to land nfl try out and become the league's openly. allen placed for middle tennessee state from 2008 to 2011. he made 157 of 160 extra points and 46 of 62 field goals in his career. he says he's been out since the
5:55 pm
age of 15 and never hid his sexual or yes or no station. he hopes to get an invitation to work out with nfl team this off-season. >> dozens of communities gather outside the board of supervisors meeting today to urge the sheriff to end the secure communities program. inside supervisory richard introduced a resolution that encourages the board to pull out of the program. when secured communities local police agencies said fingerprints of anyone they arrest to federal authorities then use the fingerprints to check criminal history and immigration. >> it reached families of par 4 no reason and it's secured communities is a part of our broken immigration system that must be fixed. >> but the sheriff argues he's just following federal policies and allow immigration customs enforcement agents to do their job. other bay area cities including san francisco and san jose have
5:56 pm
stopped cooperating with that program. >> a young man missing from davis has turned up after being lost in the wilderness for more than a week. 25-year-old daniel thompson disappeared after leaving on a camping trip. he lost control of his car and went off the road northwest. he had no cell phone reception and wandered for days living on water run off and pine nuts. he was then spotted by two campers and was able to call his home. his father says he never gave up hope. >> that he was buying. there was just waiting and waiting and waiting to hear that for sure. >> coworkers at the arts center travel to lake county brought him home safe and sound. >> a new take on gun control, the bay area is making sure that gun owners are absolutely clear about the responsibility they accept by arming themselves. >> i feel like i got mugged by opd only in a different way.
5:57 pm
>> the extra step he took and the extra cash he's spending because that bay area man believe oakland police are dropping the ball.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
to make sure gun owners know what they're getting themselves into when they exercise their second amendment rights. paul joins us now with a list of responsibilities being mailed to people when they buy a gun. >> the gun letters issued to a campaign start in los angeles a few years ago and it's tonight public safety. council members used to be remainder if you want to own a firearm, you need to be responsible. >> 1,251. that's the number of gunshots that have been reported by oakland shots technology since october of last year. 355 of those have been within the last 30 days. that's according to oakland city council member brooks who said those numbers don't reflect a full amount because shots are all over the city. >> the gun violence in this community it is unbelievable
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